Zero Carbon Insights Newsletter

LYS Offset Solutions has partnered with Green Freight Asia to give companies an edge in their path toward a greener future, with a joint-released quarterly newsletter Zero Carbon Insights.

Zero Carbon Insights Newsletter

April 30, 2020

Nurani T.


As community-led and collaborative models of growth are the cornerstone of a sustainable economy, LYS Offset Solutions (LYSOS), a subsidiary of leading regional solar independent power producer (IPP) LYS Energy Group, has partnered with Green Freight Asia to give companies an edge in their path towards a greener future.

This strategic alliance between GFA and LYSOS focuses in enhancing development activities to strengthen collaboration with SEA shippers and carriers as well as companies which provide technology and digital solutions for decarbonization of the transport sector, building capacity among the partners, developing sustainable policies, strategies and sustainability reports and promote dialogue between the stakeholders. Additionally, GFA’s Carbon Assessments, GHG Reporting, and Integrated Reporting services for freight provide its customers with a comprehensive understanding of transportation logistics and savvy solutions for reaching carbon neutrality.

Together, the two organizations offer holistic solutions that will help businesses achieve their sustainability goals, paving the way for them to become responsible industry leaders.

Throughout this unique partnership, we are delighted to extend our mission with the joint-released brand-new quarterly newsletter Zero Carbon Insights. In this first edition, we will cover both organization's key figures & facts from the milestones, innovation practices, technology features, new partnerships, to case studies and GHG & Integrated Reporting.

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