Renewable Energy Certificates

Offset solutions towards a decarbonized circular economy

LYS Offset Solutions can help your company to reach emission reduction goals that are part of your corporate sustainability plan. From measuring, implementing, and marketing management, our expertise helps companies to take initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints.

Make the impact today

Get Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to support emission reduction projects and renewable electricity production. Lead by example and show how your company is committed to limiting environmental impact while increasing profits.
Carbon offsets and RECs reduce greenhouse gas emissions now and can help your company reduce its overall impact immediately.

Think ahead

Set your company up for sustainable success by staying ahead of the curve with growing environmental concerns. Sustainability is a safe bet: distinguish your company with a positive stance.
Businesses, industries, consumer green programs, corporate green initiatives, and employee engagement can help reduce the overall carbon emissions impact. LYS Offset Solutions services are designed to protect the long-term of your business.

What is a Carbon Offset?

Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs) is an available option for organizations that wish to mitigate their carbon emissions impact. A carbon offset is a certificate that is equal to one metric ton of CO2 emissions, meaning that each unit of electricity carried in a Renewable Energy Certificate represents the electricity produced by our solar energy source.

Never Been Easier To Purchase RECs

LYS Offset Solutions introduces the Renewable Energy Certificates to offer an alternative way for our customers to diminish the impact of their GHG emissions.

Businesses may purchase RECs to reach their CSR commitments. In fact, today B-Corporations – i.e. involved in RE100, a global initiative developed by The Climate Group and CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) – are bringing together companies that are working towards buying 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. This involvement in addition to the increasing numbers of companies aiming for ambitious, self-imposed targets for clean energy use as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, has played an important role in the strong growth in sales of Renewable Energy Certificates.

Carbon Offsets make environmental and economic sense for emissions that are difficult nay impossible to reduce.

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What Our Customers Say

They trust us.

“We are satisfied with the system and services provided by LYS Energy. We are happy to partner LYS Energy in our GoGreen environment sustainability program.”

– S. Koh, Customs & Regulatory Affairs – DHL Express, Singapore

“The entire process was trouble free, and professionally delivered with full compliance of the electrical, fire and labour laws. It was a hassle free 3 months for the installation to commissioning and conducted within our strict in-house prerequisite risk assessment […].”

– Q. L. Chuang, Co-founder and owner Environment Solutions and ES Power Pte Ltd, Singapore

“Working with LYS Energy on our first Solar project in Singapore was a great success. The team was efficient throughout the project and they carefully considered our business operation to reduce interruption during the installation work.”

– L. Kiew, Director – Sankyu Pte Ltd, Singapore

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