LYS Series | Solar energy to power the world-renown American engine centre in Singapore

LYS Series | Solar energy to power the world-renown American engine centre in Singapore

May 6, 2021

LYS Energy Group

Overview | The Solar Energy Project
In January 2020, LYS Energy Group (LYS) completed the solar photovoltaic (PV) system atop the facility of the leading organization in the Aerospace industry located in Changi, Singapore. The solar PV system is installed on a concrete and Klip-lok metal roof and has a total size of 1.14MWp.

Together with LYS Energy Group, the aerospace leader has agreed on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) whereby LYS will provide an all-inclusive solution that includes financing, design, installation, and operation, and maintenance of the rooftop solar PV system for 20 years. The solar power plant will generate 28.83GWh of total energy guaranteed and offset 12,860 tons of CO2 over the contract duration.

LYS Energy has selected Bifacial Tier-1, Monocrystalline solar panels in our PV Systems. Cut out from a single pure crystal of silicon, it ensures the highest efficiency to enable more power generation per square foot thanks to its space-efficient design and additionally works better in the warmer environments of Singapore. The Group always selects top-notch components combined with high quality of service to provide our customers with the best solar energy experience.

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Figure & Facts | Key Benefits

Since its first year of operation, the PV system has generated 1.53MWh of electricity and has offset 643 tons of CO2, and has been performing at a high-performance ratio of 82.5%1.

Besides energy savings guaranteed, the client will be able to save up to SGD3,900,000 during its 20-year contract, by purchasing electricity to LYS at a price based on a fixed discount of its grid electricity tariff.

Without upfront investment and expending any resources, our clients benefit from switching to solar:

  • Lower and predictable utility costs that translates into energy savings guaranteed,
  • reliable and cleaner source of energy,
  • while strengthening sustainability branding by offsetting CO2 for the environment.

Through a set of newly developed innovative solutions, future adopters have flexibility in the way they would consume green and clean electricity. Our Group’s holistic approach to sustainability has granted us the praise of our client’s appreciation of the relentless support and innovative solutions our experts tailored for them.

Our client’s vision and shared values in transforming the world reliably and responsibly, have brought them to partner with LYS Energy Group. We are delighted to be contributing to the aviation sector and be a trusted partner to empower our client’s mission to transitioning their operations towards clean energy

About LYS Energy Group
As Asia’s trusted renewable energy partner, the Group offers hassle-free end-to-end clean energy solutions for businesses from zero-Capex solar energy (PPA), Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), turnkey Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services, to carbon emissions and energy management consulting.

LYS Energy Group rejoices on boards with new like-minded partners, dedicating themselves to integrate sustainability in their business practices. Whether you are a sustainability professional and practitioner, consultant, or manager from Procurement, Operations, Facilities, Quality, Logistics considering developing adequate low-carbon strategy across your organization’s value chain. Seek a free consultation with our experts for your clean energy projects here.

1High-efficiency PV plants operate at a performance ratio of 75% and above.