We mean sustainable business

Customers know we mean sustainable business

We mean sustainable business

September 7, 2018

LYS Energy Group

- Rooftop Solar PV System, Singapore


Sustainability is central to the way in which we operate and interact with our ecosystem. Implementing a sustainable development action plan requires us to build on existing collaboration with customers, and their satisfaction is part of our highest priority. We are constantly developing an environment where customers earn trust and feel pride in working with us. Their experience matters to us and is placed at the heart of our business.

LYS Energy is dedicated to delivering the best-suited solutions and is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by providing safe and consistently excellent performance and, service quality while helping them to embrace their sustainable development goals.

“The entire process was trouble-free, and professionally delivered with full compliance with the electrical, fire, and labor laws. It was a hassle-free 3 months from the installation to commissioning and conducted within our strict in-house pre-requisite risk assessment.

Having our own renewable power-generating asset fulfills one of our sustainability goals. And we are now able to contribute to a greater community […]. This is definitely one of the best decisions we have done. Exceeded all expectations!”

Quek Leng Chuang

Co-founder and owner of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd & ES Power.

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