Climate Change Mitigation

The necessity of low-carbon & climate-resilient activities

Corporate Sustainability

Climate change, environmental protection and new shift in consumer’s choice for more responsible brands are key factors driving businesses to meet new shifting trends and goals. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes are today placed at heart for all organisations. Ability to measure, implement and monitor these sustainable KPI’s would boost corporation’s performances.

LYS Energy Group supports the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 goals to achieve a responsible and more sustainable future addressing global challenges that the world faces. LYS Energy Group supports the Sustainable Development Goals to achieving many of the environmental-related goals and targets set up,

What is Climate Change and why does it matter?

As defined by the Environmental Protection Agency, climate change refers to significant changes in the measures of climate that last for an extended time period. Climate change means major changes in temperature, wind, rainfall, that happen over decades and more.
Today, climate change is a pervasive and threatening issues and its impacts are unprecedented in scale and global in scope. The costs of the impacts of climate change will be in fact higher and adapting to these measures in the future will be more difficult, nay impossible without drastic actions.

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Carbon offset explained

Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs) is an available option for organisations that wish to offset their carbon emissions. A carbon offset is a certificate that is equal to one metric ton of CO2 emissions, meaning that each unit of electricity carried in a Renewable Energy Certificate represents the electricity produced by our solar energy source.
For example, when renewable energy is generated by solar, two things are created:
- the actual electricity
- the environmental benefits associated with the electricity sourced from a non-coal or natural gas fossils fuels. RECs are the solution to track and account those environmental attributes. One certificate represents the equivalent of a megawatt-hour (1MWh).

LYS Offset Solutions introduces the Renewable Energy Certificates to offer an alternative way for our customers to diminish the impact of their GHG emissions.
In fact, today B-Corporations – i.e. involved in RE100, a global initiative developed by The Climate Group and CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) – are bringing together companies that are working towards buying 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. This involvement in addition to the increasing numbers of companies aim for ambitious, self-imposed targets for clean energy use as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, have played an important role in the strong growth in sales of Renewable Energy Certificates.
Carbon Offsets make environmental and economic sense for emissions that are difficult nay impossible to reduce.

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How do businesses contribute to climate change?

Although the undeniable tension between the urge to reduce carbon emissions, short-term profitability, and whether large or small corporations are mainly concerned with climate change. In fact, companies are pressured by the public and government to go extra-mile on regulatory compliance.
Today corporations have a huge role to play in driving climate change and the private sector is also changing the status quo in helping countries to reduce carbon emissions and deliver the faster transition to clean and green energy.

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How can businesses reduce their carbon footprint?

Corporations must act to tackle climate change for humanitarian, planetary, and their own business future benefits. Greenhouse gas reductions can be achieved if companies take a stand by implementing a climate action plan, measuring emissions, setting emissions reduction targets, measuring progress, and supporting climate-advanced regulations that empower climate change mitigation.

There are several ways for companies to reach their carbon emissions reduction practically and more effectively from other sources. Today lowering carbon footprint could be as fast and simple as switching to renewable energy. The first step to reducing carbon footprint is knowing where the carbon emissions come from. Once the carbon assessment is done, companies can take action to reduce their footprint.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has prioritised 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). As per the relevance of each goal, LYS Energy Group’s business is based on 11 out of the 17 UN SDGS.

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