About LYS Energy Group

Vector of the Energy Transition

Who We Are

LYS Energy Group is reinventing Renewable Energy services towards a prosumers-era and we aim at being a vector of the energy transition, towards a more distributed, autonomous and smart model.
As a Singapore-based Independent Power Producer (IPP) that develops, finances, installs and operates Solar PV Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Public sites in the Asia Pacific region.
LYS Energy offers the full range of services to help companies harness solar energy from their unused rooftop and sites spaces, with little or no upfront cost to them. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), our customers purchase the solar-generated electricity at tariffs lower than the prevailing utility tariff. Without expending any resources, our customers can benefit from lower and more predictable utility costs and enjoy stronger sustainability branding.

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Our Group Vision

“We aim at being a vector of the energy transition, towards a more distributed, autonomous and smart model. Incorporating distributed generating facilities, energy storage systems and smart grid, LYS Energy re-invents the energy industry towards a customer-centric prosumer era.”

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How All Started

LYS ambition is to educate the ecosystem with the current global climate challenges, engage with adopters and the partners of the industry to implement our vision, so we can empower our claims with energy autonomy for a sustainable and low carbon future.
“Today, we ought to stay nimble with the ever-changing industry with our unique capability to offer a holistic renewable energy experience to our customers.” Lionel Steinitz - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LYS Energy Group

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Meet The Team

The company was formed in 2013 by seasoned industry experts who each bring their unique knowledge and expertise.
Our team consists of experienced solar industry executives from multiple top-tier solar integrators who have run, marketing and managed solar operations and installations.

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Certifications & Recognition

Frost & Sullivan Solar Entrepreneur of the year (2016).
The Solar Power Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award recognizes solar power companies that display true entrepreneurial spirit in creating innovative and potentially disruptive new services or solutions in specific markets. The contenders of this award were evaluated and judged based on passionate persistence, Competitive Differentiation, Market Gaps, Customer Ownership Experience and Brand Equity.

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