LYS Energy builds its first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations

LYS Energy builds its first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations powered by solar energy

LYS Energy builds its first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations

March 25, 2021

LYS Energy Group

Singapore Adopts Electric Vehicles (EVs) to Tackle Climate Change
As part of the ambitious targets set in Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, the Nation sets up an approach to adopt Electric Vehicles (EVs) to replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles. The plan for utilizing EVs emerges as a response to reduce climate change emissions and aims to reduce the dependency of the nation on fossil energy.

As the nation moves towards a more electrified urban transport system, EV operators and car charging station providers should take note that the carbon emission footprint of EVs depends mainly on the carbon footprint of the electricity used to charge the EVs. As to attain carbon neutrality, EVs must be charged with renewable energy, Singapore’s electromobility road map will need to adapt its deployment according to its impact on the environment while fitting with consumers’ vehicles’ demands.

LYS Energy Group Contributions to the Nation’s Goals
In the coming months, LYS Energy Group will inaugurate its first few Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations (owned by the Group) on some of our client's premises. Each station will be powered by solar energy that is directly generated from the PV system installed at the same client facility.

The energy produced will be carbon-free and available at a competitive cost for EVs owners. Purchase transactions will be available digitally via a mobile App as part of an international charging station network.

LYS Energy's all-inclusive solution for EV’s guarantees a great added value for our client’s customers, client’s business partners, or client’s employees.

As one of the pioneering organizations to be inaugurating such EV-charging systems at their premises, our clients stay ahead of the curve, leading the industry by example to lowering the carbon footprint of their activity.

As part of the Group’s efforts to tackle climate change, LYS brings corporations holistic solutions to implement their sustainability plan. As the regional leader in renewable energy and carbon-free solutions, LYS helps businesses to meet their carbon emission reduction targets and seeks to provide a tailored and comprehensive greener alternative to businesses.

For corporations considering developing adequate sustainability strategies across their organization’s value-chain, LYS Energy Group ought to stay supportive and give them the edge in their path towards a decarbonized activity.

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