Dematerialization and Decarbonization

Today, adopters have the flexibility and support expertise in the way adopters want to consume green and clean electricity.

Dematerialization and Decarbonization

December 24, 2020

LYS Energy Group

To predict where the renewable energy industry is headed, observe the largest tech titans in the world. Several big companies have been spearheading renewable energy procurement. Investors are wary of fossil fuels as global carbon price increases while prices for renewable technologies collapse.
Many companies receive pressure to report on climate risks thus, corporates and investment banks shift from fossil fuels. Sustainability practices are packaged with other competitive advantages like corporate social responsibility as a branding strategy, enticing image for attracting businesses and investors and, etc. As the world transposes to a low-carbon future, big companies spearhead the economy by setting the bar to attaining corporate sustainability goals and have been continuously shifting the bar higher. Any purchasers with a similar commitment towards sustainability mission have the ability to transform the landscape. With such pulling forces, corporate renewable energy buyers are striving faster and steadier in their pursuit of sustainability. However, there are underlying concerns where goals are undefined.

Even as many companies attaining the 100 percent renewable goal, fossil fuels are still required to support energy demand from within the corporates. Streaming videos through Youtube, watching a movie on Netflix, scrolling through Facebook, emailing a coworker via Outlook, or even doing your online purchases on Amazon are considered carbon emissions. The key takeaway - ‘Carbon neutral’ and ‘100 percent renewable” are not to be confused with. Detouring from the usage of materials and physical resources, the immoderate usage of digital platforms may seem like the best way to ‘dematerialization’ and 'decarbonization. However, it leaves an even larger ecological footprint than we think. As power grids move away from fossil fuels, companies seeking to cut out carbon emissions will have to extend commitments to renewable energy.

Achieving the elimination in the usage of fossil fuels to match the amount of renewable energy consumed does not need to be tedious in its procurement. Simply start off with adopting solutions that help you with compensating emissions. One of the most reliable and efficient ways to neutralizing and compensating for emissions is via direct energy consumptions. Save energy by utilizing renewable sources of energy while lowering utility costs. Alternatively, adopt an offsetting solution by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to compensate for your energy consumption. Either way, it will help companies reach energy transition and sustainability goals while strengthening sustainability branding throughout a set of newly developed innovative solutions. Today, adopters have the flexibility and support expertise in the way adopters want to consume green and clean electricity.

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