LYS Energy and LHN Group partnership in clean energy

LYS Energy and LHN Group partners to put in place together clean energy initiatives

LYS Energy and LHN Group partnership in clean energy

February 19, 2020

Nurani T.

Kickstarting - A year of new beginnings



A veteran in real estate management services since 1991, LHN Group (LHN) transforms old, unused, and under-utilised properties into spaces optimised for residential, commercial, industrial use, and their co-living brand Coliwoo. The group’s clientele includes small and medium enterprises as well as global businesses across Asia. Encouraged by current energy trends and as part of the group’s commitment to sustainability, LHN has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by adopting renewable energy (RE) for its business practices. This new year, together with the regional leader in solar energy solutions, LYS Energy Group (LYS), LHN will put into place its clean energy initiative at three different sites in Singapore. 



By installing solar energy photovoltaic systems, the group will lower its dependency on conventional electricity while stabilising its energy costs. In addition to the cost benefits, this initiative will enable the company to offset 258 tonnes of carbon annually and purchase renewable energy (RE) at a competitive grid price. This collaboration between LYS and LHN is more than a traditional, transactional partnership. Together, the two companies have forged a sustainable relationship in pursuit of a common objective: a carbon-free future.



Of the partnership, Kelvin Lim, executive chairman of LHN says, “Alongside a high level of expertise and execution, LYS Energy has demonstrated their ability to comply with our internal quality, health environment and safety standards of excellence. They have delivered a tailored end-to-end solar energy solution that mitigates risks associated with climate change and helped us reduce carbon emissions in a cost-effective manner. As part of our constant commitment to support sustainability, we are delighted to inaugurate these first clean initiatives together with LYS.” Staying nimble within the everchanging energy industry, LYS offers its clients a holistic RE experience. It provides sterling customer-centric business solutions, innovative leadership, and in-house vertical precision engineering procurement construction capabilities.