LYS Energy strategic equity partner LANGA International opens its capital

LYS Energy Group strategic equity partner LANGA International opens its capital to BPIFrance and RGREEN INVEST

LYS Energy strategic equity partner LANGA International opens its capital

February 3, 2020

Nurani T.

LYS Energy Group's strategic equity partner LANGA International opens its capital to the French Government sovereign funds Banque Publique d'Investissement (BPIFrance), and the asset management specialized in energy infrastructure projects investments (with +15 years of experience and +1Bn€ of assets under management) RGREEN INVEST.

As LYS Energy plays a key role in LANGA International development in South East Asia, the group receives through the fundraising an implicit endorsement by the equity partner to increase the liquidity available for growth and to develop solid long-term assets financing capabilities.


  • Press Release Extract:

Langa International Opens its Capital to Bpifrance and RGREEN
INVEST to Accelerate its International Growth


Lyon (Rhône), 30 January 2020 – Independent international developer and producer of renewable energy assets, Langa International is embarking on a new phase of its growth with its first fundraising through Bpifrance and the fund INFRAGREEN III, managed by RGREEN INVEST, a historic financial partner of its founder Gilles Lebreux.

Created in 2017 by Gilles Lebreux, founder of the Langa group (sold to the ENGIE group in 2018), Langa International operates as an independent power producer (IPP), that is, based on a dual model as both developer and producer of renewable energy depending on the geographic areas in which it is established. Since its creation, the company has developed numerous projects in the field of renewable energies, in the French overseas territories and in several countries of Europe, South America, and Asia.

Its founder, a pioneer, and visionary in the renewable energy sector, was able to implement the appropriate development efforts to allow the company today to have an impressive portfolio of parks and multi-source renewable energy projects (Solar, Wind, and Water) with a total power of more than 2.5 Gigawatts. The opening of this first investment opportunity carried out with Bpifrance and RGREEN INVEST, will allow Langa International to accelerate its growth and its investment efforts in new geographic areas in Europe, but also to strengthen its presence in South America (Chile and Colombia) and in Southeast Asia. Bpifrance and RGREEN INVEST, already partners of Gilles Lebreux during his first venture in the renewable energies sector as the founder of the Langa group (sold to the Engie group in 2018), thus reaffirm their confidence by acquiring a minority stake in the capital of Langa International. In addition to this first round, other fundraising operations are planned, both in France and abroad, to ensure the company’s ambitious growth objectives.

Gilles Lebreux, President and Founder of Langa International, comments: “The adventure in renewable energies started in France in 2008, with two family offices, and continues internationally with the same ambition. Along with Bpifrance and RGREEN INVEST, the managerial team will focus on executing our development strategy. In a very rapidly growing field, we aim to grow in geographical areas that present a low country risk, a good level of legal and regulatory certainty, but limited competitive pressure.”


After having been a shareholder in the Langa group from 2012 to 2018, we are delighted to support Langa International and its founder in this new international adventure,” said Samia Ben Jemaa, investment director at Bpifrance. “The company's strategy and values are perfectly aligned with Bpifrance’s objectives, namely to support companies working in the field of the energy transition on the one hand, and on the other hand, to support the development of independent French players beyond our borders.

Nicolas Rochon, president and founder of RGREEN INVEST, adds: "After more than 5 years of collaboration with Gilles Lebreux and his staff, a new chapter is being written with the shareholding acquired by INFRAGREEN III in Langa International. This investment, responding to new challenges in the sector, perfectly illustrates RGREEN INVEST’s long-term strategy of supporting energy transition businesses.”


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