Community Bali Beach Clean Up 2019

Together we make the difference – Community Bali Beach Clean Up 2019

Community Bali Beach Clean Up 2019

September 12, 2019

LYS Energy Group

- Seminyak, Bali's Big Eco Weekend 2019,


Today, tackling plastic waste pollution has become a global challenge. And because the problem won't get solved unless we all get involved, LYS Energy Group supports Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia's (CCAI) initiative to play our parts and bring awareness to keep our environment cleaner through the Bali Beach Clean Up (BBCU) Programme and Bali's Big Eco Weekend (BBCU).


From the local and national government, corporates, local communities, partners and internal employees of CCA, influencers, media, NGOs, customers, and other stakeholders, we have had all our hands on deck, to lead by example and convey the message through a beach clean up activity.


According to CCAI's event report, within the time given all participants have collected 41.3 kilograms of waste - ie: the overall collected represents 21.3kg (52{51a949674b0d1673dd02b26f56a90c371bd7d9aaee1921855d20159c2180d756}) of residue, 12,2kg (29{51a949674b0d1673dd02b26f56a90c371bd7d9aaee1921855d20159c2180d756}) of recyclables and 7.7kg of organic waste.


Correspondingly, as we can only do little alone but so much together since 2007 the BBCU has collected the equivalent of 40 million kilograms of rubbish from 5 beaches in Bali since 2007... and still counting! Let's keep our beaches clean!



“The threat of waste to the environment, health, and safety are massive. Trash is nowadays a major problem for us and for the environment.
In line with the Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs), LYS’s ambition is to educate the ecosystem about the current global climate challenges. Subsequently, we are constantly and pro-actively taking real action to keep our environment cleaner and more sustainable.
LYS Energy commits to supporting Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia’s (CCAI) initiative through fundraising activity and driving awareness to keep Bali’s environment greener and cleaner by contributing to the Bali Beach Clean Up (BBCU).
We highly believe that Bali's Big Eco Weekend (BBEW) spirit has a snowball effect on our community and will set a positive impact on leading by example of how corporates can be part of the effort. We are looking forward to joining forces towards improving our environment."
- Lionel Steinitz, CEO of LYS Energy Group


Photos credits: LYS and CCAI