Toward low-carbon future in South-East Asia

French excellence toward low-carbon future in South-East Asia

Toward low-carbon future in South-East Asia

June 25, 2018

LYS Energy Group


- Singapore - [Media Release]

As the adverse effects of global warming continue to increase, so do volatility and unpredictability for the private sector, single-run effort to adopt and influence sustainability has demonstrated to be difficult if not impossible.

More than ever, a strategic alliance between leaders to work together collaboratively turns out to be the key to catalyzing this transition to green growth. The recent update has showcased the aforementioned strategic partnership between the French Energy giant ENGIE and French solar developer LANGA Group to join forces to develop particularly the roof and ground-based power plants.

“We are pleased to see a high level of expertise, quality standards, and operational excellence recognized by this strategic alliance between the two developers. I am confident of such development will have a positive impact on the sustainability world. Our collaboration efforts over the past eighteen months with Langa Group follow the similar and shared vision of excellence.” stated Lionel Steinitz, CEO of LYS Energy.

Going beyond strategy, this alliance between the two players also echoes not only clear determination to overcome this transition to the low-carbon economy, but also the boom of French excellence and competitiveness in sustainability.

“Mostly defined by a great capacity in innovation, the track record has proven today that French excellence has established its global reputation in sustainability. Today, customers rely on companies capable of achieving excellence on a global scale through strong leadership. The combination of responsible business approach, our commitment to mitigate climate change, our set of ethical values, and above all our unrivaled ability to innovate are key factors that bring trust and comfort to our customers.” added Lionel.

LYS Energy is operating across South East Asia and shall share new milestones in the coming weeks.