GFA & LYS Energy – Pro-active coalition to catalyze green growth in Asia

GFA & LYS Energy – Pro-active coalition to catalyze green growth in Asia

GFA & LYS Energy – Pro-active coalition to catalyze green growth in Asia

May 2, 2019

LYS Energy Group


Press Release | Green Freight Asia & LYS Energy Group

- Singapore 

The renowned non-profit organization Green Freight Asia (GFA) and LYS Energy Group (LYS Energy), Singapore-based leading solar power producer (IPP) and carbon offset facilitator in Asia, join-forces to promote and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon environment and catalyze sustainability in Asia.

The international community has widely acknowledged the serious threats posed by the impacts of climate change. The damages caused by human activities are converging into an urgently approaching tipping point for Planet Earth. As being a major cause of environmental degradation, indisputably, the business sector including transportation are more and more pressured from the public and government to go extra-mile on regulatory compliance. But the private sector is also changing the status quo - as it has a pivotal role to play for climate change mitigation - in helping countries to reduce carbon emissions and deliver the faster transition to clean and green energy.

Although the corporate sector must adapt to growing environmental, governmental and consumer pressures, organizations can benefit by taking actions to anticipate climate-related risks such as regulatory policies, price volatility, and shifts in product-preference. Today, concrete actions from external-stakeholder must be completed by multisectoral actions.

“LYS Energy has long predicted the need for supply chains in Asia to adopt sustainable practices. As the climate challenge is happening, organizations are inevitably urged by governments and consumer preferences for more green products, to reduce the carbon impacts of their business. Concurrently, green momentum is increasing within the private sector but there is more than can be achieved to spearhead responsible practices adoption within an organization, enabling carbon emissions reduction to zero. If Asia countries are to remain competitive and meet their Sustainable Development Goals, the private sector must develop, and all stakeholders must act together to implement solutions.” stated Lionel Steinitz.

“The alliance with LYS broadens GFA’s portfolio of services to our member companies. Many of those have signed up to zero-emission targets and that requires not only carbon reduced but also carbon-neutral solutions for transport and warehousing,” stated Stephan Schablinski, GFA Board member

As community-led and collaborative models of growth are the cornerstone of the sustainable economy, GFA and LYS Energy strategic alliance have one ambition: to give to all members and customers the edge in their path towards the energy transition in Asia.

The aforementioned unique and strategic collaboration - a combined forces of capabilities in asserting the unique positioning of our solutions, proficiencies in helping companies to address CSR efforts, industrial supports expertise in tackling soaring energy costs, carbon reductions and accelerating green technologies adoption, and maximizing our regional reach - will focus on the creation of innovative green sourcing solutions such as label, green energy sourcing and technology platform and building capacity program.

“GFA and LYS Energy synergy will provide holistic solutions to help businesses and supply chains attain their sustainability ambitions acting beyond measure and planning to become responsible leaders. We strongly believe this disruptive alliance has a tipping point to propel large-scale of green adoption in the region.” underlined Lionel Steinitz.

“The electrification of ground transport is an important solution for our members on their path to zero emissions and to significantly reduced air and noise pollution especially in urban areas. But E-mobility is more than just replacing a diesel vehicle with an electric one. This transition requires a new energy concept as the existing power supply of a logistics facility is oftentimes not sufficient enough to charge a fleet of e-vehicles. This is where local power generation through Solar PV can play an important role to not only provide this additional power but also ensure it is green and contributes to the company’s zero-emission targets. With LYS being a player in this field, our members will benefit from their expertise and advice for their efforts to transition to e-mobility.” added Stephan Schablinski.

GFA’s board of Directors has appointed Lionel Steinitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LYS Energy Solutions Pte Ltd, as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Lionel has been active in the renewable energy space through his own consultancy firm, advising governments, corporations, and investors on project structuring and financing, and advisory on RE Policies. He has advised several governments and financial institutions and has overseen the development of over 250MWp of renewable energy projects across various technologies. Additionally, Lionel’s expertise recognition is furthermore emphasized by multiple endorsements and prices in sustainability and sustainable finance and is regularly invited as a guest speaker to high-level conferences, MBA Programs, or educational courses in the region.

Board of Directors is confident that Lionel’s extensive experience and strong track record will enable the association to achieve its continuing growth ambitions.

“We are very happy to have been able to convince Lionel to come on board. His enthusiasm and commitment to a sustainable future will surely help to bring GFA to a brand-new level, this will be benefit existing members, the ones to come and the overall freight community.” highlighted Roxanne Desmicht, GFA Board member.

For more information on GFA and LYS Energy, for more information on GFA, please visit and Green Freight Asia and LYS Energy are operating across Asia and shall share new milestones and events in the coming weeks.