LYS Series | Clean energy to reduce HG Metal Manufacturing’s carbon footprint

HG Metal Manufacturing has entered into a PPA with LYS Energy, to install, operate and maintain rooftop solar photovoltaic PV power plants at the Group’s facilities.

LYS Series | Clean energy to reduce HG Metal Manufacturing’s carbon footprint

November 2, 2021

Nurani T.

As a major player in the steel industry, HG Metal Manufacturing Ltd (“the Group") aims to achieve continual improvements in their efforts to decrease the business’ impact on the environment using cleaner technologies as a part of the industry’s operations. The Group eventually aims to reach carbon neutrality by integrating renewable energy and contribute towards Singapore’s goal of preparation for a climate-resilient and low-carbon nation.


The leading steel distributor and processor based in Singapore, has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) with LYS Energy (“LYS”), to install, operate and maintain a rooftop grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants at the Group’s facilities located at 28 Jalan Buroh.


A total of 936.84kWp solar PV system, built in three months’ time, made up of 2,059 JA Solar Modules, has been commissioned on October 13th, 2021, and is estimated to achieve an average annual output of 1,031.5MWh over the next 20 years.


The solar PV system is registered with SP Services (SPS) under Energy Market Authority (EMA) scheme’s Enhanced Central Intermediary Scheme (“ECIS”), to facilitate the export of the unconsumed excess of clean energy produced by the PV system into the national electricity grid. Selling back the excess of the solar electricity generated from the system will enable the Group to contribute to Singapore’s energy generation mix towards cleaner energy envisioned by the EMA.


Based on the current production output and premises consumption, the energy generated by the solar power plant is expected to account for 60{51a949674b0d1673dd02b26f56a90c371bd7d9aaee1921855d20159c2180d756} to 70{51a949674b0d1673dd02b26f56a90c371bd7d9aaee1921855d20159c2180d756} of the Group’s annual energy consumption requirements, helping to significantly reduce the Group’s reliance on conventional electricity.


Fig1.0 – From Design 3D aerial view rooftop solar PV systemHG Metal x LYS Energy Group

Fig2.0 –To Reality actual rooftop solar PV systemHG Metal clean energy[Check out our solar energy projects) - Projects Reference]


Economic and Environmental benefits of switching to solar energy:

As solar electricity price has become competitive, the switch to solar energy would result in economic savings up to S$3.1M over the project duration of 20 years.

Besides its economic benefits, this new initiative will support the Group to transition towards cleaner and greener energy by shifting away from utilizing energy generated from non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and reducing the carbon footprint of its business activities.

In fact, the solar energy generated would help the Group to reduce the equivalent of approximately 9,840 tons of carbon (CO2) over the next 20 years.


LYS Energy Clean Energy Solutions:

With no upfront investment required and without expending any resources, our clients can benefit from installing solar power plants on their unused rooftops and site spaces:

  • Lower and more predictable utility costs thanks to guaranteed energy savings,
  • Optimization of operational costs without investment nor additional resources,
  • Reliable and cleaner source of energy,
  • While strengthening sustainability branding by offsetting CO2

Through a set of newly developed innovative solutions, future adopters have flexibility in the way they would consume green and clean electricity. Our Group’s holistic approach to sustainability has granted us the praise of our clients, who are appreciative of the relentless support of our teams and of the innovative solutions our experts tailored for them.

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